Welcome to B2 Photographique!!

This is the first post for the new, updated blog and web site.  It’s my intent to post a photo here plus a linked gallery for all of the significant (And not so significant, on occasion) photography shoots and projects that I undertake.  Additionally, I will try to provide a little backstory for each post, in order to set the stage and detail the events in the images as well as those that are connected but unseen.  For the past 18 months, I have published my work primarily to Flickr.com.  I will still maintain a significant presence there for the short term future, until this site is firmly established.  Once that happens I will largely stop updating there, with some exceptions.  This site will likely evolve as my knowledge of web publishing expands from it’s current rudimentary base and I’m able figure out how to customize and accessorize to suit my needs and tastes.  Please keep in mind that all images are copyrighted to B2 Photographique.  All rights are reserved unless a permission for their use has been negotiated either verbally or through licensing.

Thanks for stopping by!


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