NAIAS Designer Night 2010

Every year since 1990 (Or thereabouts) there has been a gathering of automotive creative designers held in conjunction with the North American International Auto Show. (Detroit Auto Show)  They’ve been hosted by a number of venues, including The State Theater, The College for Creative Studies, The Rattlesnake Club and most often in recent years, The Bankle Building (Now called Art &Development), home to a variety of artists, including Camillo Pardo, noted ex-Ford designer.  I’ve attended a fair number of them over the years and the event thrived or waned depending on the economic climate and thus the sponsorship money available to put it on.  The couple years that Ford sponsored the event at the Rattlesnake were pretty lavish affairs indeed.  This year Camillo, his hard working mom and a gang of volunteers again hosted the event at Art and Development.  Despite troubled times for the auto industry, the party drew it’s usual large crowd of designers and other celebrants.  This year I was asked to shoot the event by the organizers.  It’s hard to turn down a job when you get to spend it doing something you enjoy with a bunch of friends!!

Click on the photo above to be taken to the gallery.  All images are copyrighted to Marc Beauregard/B2 Photographique and may not be used or copied for any reason without permission.

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