Thanksgiving Rockin Eve 2010 – St Andrews Hall

At the invitation of the my friend, the lovely and super-talented  JC Westwood, I went to shoot her and her band, The Infatuations, along with a couple of other acts that played at this event.  Due to a bit of miscommunication I arrived WAY early for the show, so I proceeded to wander around and check things out so as to have a decent idea of where to shoot from and what the good angles would be.  I ended up having to kinda hide out until the band showed up so I wouldn’t get kicked out until doors opened.  Did I mention I was hungry because of barely eating anything?  Yeah…  Fortunately for me, St Andrews Hall has a little food spot in the basement that I took advantage of.  At that point, the band was there so I hung out with them a bit before the first act went on stage.  Once that happened I was pretty much super busy juggling lenses and shooting until I left after The Infatuations played.  Unfortunately I missed the headliner, Ty Stone, but dancing at City Club beckoned.

Click on the photo above to be taken to the gallery.  All images are copyrighted to Marc Beauregard/B2 Photographique and may not be used or copied for any reason without permission.

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  1. J-JO Says:

    Great job! YOu are amazing!!!!!!!

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