Woodward Cruise 2011

Every year since a couple years after it started, and assuming I’m in town, I’ve taken my camera to explore the madness that The Woodward Dream Cruise has turned into.  In addition to the Saturday of the cruise itself, I always manage to wander around on various evenings the week before which are sometimes almost as busy as the the main event.  This year was no different.  Though those who know me know I take exception to some of what the cruise has become (The trashiness and rudeness of many of the attendees, not to mention the commercialism.) I still love old cars and try to focus on that while I shoot, and on the friends I always see while out shooting.

Click on the photo above to be taken to the gallery.   All images are copyrighted to Marc Beauregard/B2 Photographique and may not be used or copied for any reason without permission.

One Response to “Woodward Cruise 2011”

  1. xiang c. leuamchampassak Says:

    hello marc,
    this is the first blog/link i have checked into and am looking forward to viewing your gallery and musings.
    went to the woodward cruise for the first time this year. it was EXCELLENT experience for me and had nothing else to compare it to.
    your photograph above harkens back to olden day familiarity. loveliness.
    xiang cclc

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